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Governor Gavin Newsom,

Many self-employed beauty industry professionals have NOT received ANY assistance at all for months with no end in sight. Additionally, many will not be able to go back to work even after being deemed “essential” for health risk reasons – but their essential status means they will no longer qualify for any assistance. 

We are a united front in California, and are in agreement that it is not yet safe to re-open salons and barber shops. 

In order for us to support and follow the SIP, we as an industry, are urging California for a recovery and relief fund to ensure our industry‚Äôs survival as we have not, en mass, received CARES act funding nor been able to access SBA loans, or PPP. And, with additional overhead costs utilizing PPE equipment upon return, the recovery fund is necessary industry-wide. 

Without a recovery and relief fund, we will not be able to safely reopen and wait out the orders. Please help us ensure that we will keep our communities safe, by creating a recovery and relief fund with access to all business models within the beauty industry.

Industry Resources

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